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Saturday, August 2, 2008

iphone vs treo 700p a physician's view

I was very disappointed with the iphone initially after loading epocroties. It was a stripped down version of what I had in the palm. I was also very disappointed that there were no real medical applications available for the iphone yet.

Other major discouragements were the inability to cut and past or to search notes. I had over 400 notes in the palm. And could search the information quickly and go directly to the note I needed.

There was also no way to load all my treo numbers and notes into the iphone. The work around suggested to me was to load the contacts from the treo to outlook and then into the iphone...this didn't work for me.

My work around I still have my Palm m515 which I kept all my data backed up in. I am selling the Treo on Ebay.

I have grown addicted to the iphone and would never trade it back for my palm. The ability to keep up with email and search the web with a true browser is fantastic. The ability to use the mapit program has saved me alot of time. And I am becoming much more connected and web 2.0 savy.